Missing my sewing room blues…

For my day job I am a bookkeeper and tax preparer. Tax season is a crazy busy time that steals my energy and mutes my creativity! Needless to say I have not sat down at my sewing machine since January 4th and I am really really missing it!! I knit a lot and do a bit of hand embroidery during the tax season but I have been missing the colors and feel of fabric! My next solution? ENGLISH PAPER PIECING! YES!! I do enjoy hand sewing so why not give it a try. It’s nice because I can watch movies and spend time with my hubby and son and still be in my creative zone. I found a class on Craftsy. I am a HUGE Craftsy fan. I signed up for Quick and Easy English Paper Piecing with Helen Stubbings. It’s a great class so far. She has a great way of teaching and I love her accent! 🙂  There are so many neat things being done with EPP. I am especially fond of the Millefiori Quilt-La Passacaglia. WOW! These quilts are unbelievable! Once I master the art of EPP I will definitely be diving into one of these!

The class gives you a shopping list for all kinds of fun goodies! Here is my new EPP stash of fun stuff!


I got my first set of hexie’s cut out and stitched together fairly well. I found that I really enjoyed the complete process from cutting out the pieces, to glue basting to finally stitching them together with an unbelievably small needle! Here is my first Hexie Flower


I have my next set basted and maybe tonight after work I will feel up to doing some stitching!

Until next time.


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